Underrated things you can do with an mp3 downloading platform

MP3 will surely be on the list of the most used file formats in the world. Whatever songs you listen to on your mobile would be mostly in this format. So, there is no surprise for the increased number of mp3 downloading sites available online like mp3juices. The objective of these websites and applications is to provide a quality collection of songs in various genres to visitors. Some websites ask the users to pay for the songs, while the majority of sites will be free to use. As obvious, the primary action you can do on such platforms is downloading songs. However, you can also do a few other things on some mp3 websites as discussed in this article.
Video to audio
The first underrated action possible on some mp3 platforms is the conversion of a video to an audio file. For instance, if you can get an URL of a video from any platform that is supported by the mp3 site and paste it on it, you can notice the audio available on that video getting extracted and converted into a separated mp3 file. Mostly, people would do this for YouTube videos. As video files would be larger and are not suitable for all occasions, this option could be helpful.
Share songs online
It is more helpful if an mp3 platform helps you share things with those who might have a similar interest in music like you. For instance, you may find a unique track on a website that contains sharing option. Now, you can share the song with your mate who might also love this type of song through the website itself. However, not all mp3 sites will have this option.
MP3 cutting
If the mp3 site has an inbuilt mp3 cutter, you will have the power to split a single song into various parts.