Types of Residential Security Services

Residential security services are the norm these days. Crime is on the rise and homeowners want protection just like they do for their homes. Homeowners want to feel safe in their own homes and not be afraid to go out in public or to leave their doors unlocked. There are many different types of residential security services to choose from. Here is a look at some of the most common services offered:
Many property managers and management companies offer residential security services as well. Property managers are responsible for keeping watch over a property and making sure that all of its tenants are paying the rent on time. These professionals can provide free site analysis and advanced surveillance services. They can also provide emergency service response, such as monitoring and responding to gas leaks. Security professionals providing security services for residential clients of property managers may also provide 24-hour safety and security monitoring as well.
Another type of residential security services is providing security patrol services. Some patrol officers perform routine errands like littering or cleaning. Other patrol officers perform specialized surveillance operations. They can notify police of problems or dangers by calling them through the intercom or by walking into the building to inform residents. These officers can call for reinforcements if there are problems. Some officers provide both emergency response and patrol action.
Security officers who patrol residential neighborhoods or large buildings can also work independently. When a residential security service member becomes suspicious about a potential threat, he can call in an on-site officer or an off-site officer. Off-site officers are usually armed and can physically apprehend residents.
Lastly, there are criminal defense and surveillance officers who serve on a freelance basis for property owners or management companies. The role of these individuals often varies, but they are responsible for maintaining a high level of crime prevention within residential communities. If a resident does not feel safe or the need to patrol the neighborhood more regularly, the staff can provide support by suggesting alternatives to crime victimization. This includes providing information on crime watch programs, resource centers and other measures homeowners can take to decrease crime within the community.
Foot patrols are among the most basic forms of residential security services. Residents can call in and request patrol services at any time. Foot patrols generally begin when the alarm system goes off, though this could vary. When residents are present during the day, foot patrols often follow up on rumors of shoplifting or theft, making the neighborhood safer for everyone.