Reasons Why Smart light bulbs can be a Fire Hazard

House fires can be a significant problem in a lot of nations. In reality, in line with the Federal Fire Safety Connection, house fires brought on an estimated 3,280 civilian demise and 16,875 personal injuries in 2016. Even though many various things can cause a fire in your home, one of the more typical causes is malfunctioning electrical wires.

Using the ever increasing popularity of smart light bulb, it’s important to understand the possibility fire hazards linked to these products. In this article, we shall go over a few of the threats related to smart light bulbs and what to do to be safe.

Dangers Associated with Smart bulbs:

Just about the most significant things to comprehend about smart light bulbs is they use electrical energy. Which means that if you find a problem with the light, it might potentially lead to an electrical flame.

Smart light bulbs can also be at risk of overheating, which can lead to a flame. If you notice that your smart light bulb is to get hot, unplug it immediately and make contact with the producer.

An additional potential fireplace danger linked to smart light bulbs could be the power to link to the internet. While this feature gives numerous advantages, it also signifies that online hackers may potentially gain access to your home’s community and devices.

To reduce the potential risk of this taking place, make sure you use a strong password for your own home community and maintain your products up-to-date with the latest stability upgrades.

Finally, be aware that some smart light bulbs have mercury. When a light made up of mercury is cracked, it might release hazardous toxins to the oxygen. To prevent this, always properly dispose of older light bulbs rather than try to fix them oneself.


Smart light bulbs are an easy way to save electricity and make your house far more convenient, but it’s essential to be familiar with the potential fire hazards connected with them.