Know All About the Weed News & Corona Virus

Precisely what is Marijuana?

Weed can be another title Cannabis medicine that is certainly known as Weed by frequent end users and drug peddlers. Marijuana comes under class B and plan 1 from the medicines. Individuals generally use cannabis medicines or marijuana for hallucination, entertainment, excitement, and also other intellectual enjoyment. Just recently we have seen a number of weed kills coronavirus is it true distributing in the air claiming that weed or marijuana, or weed medicines can be used for getting rid of coronavirus.

Just what is the Connection between Weed & Covid-19?

This news concerning the marijuana that is utilized to kill coronavirus or aid in dealing with covid-19 raises the query in the mind of individuals that what exactly is the connection between weed and covid 19. Young people need to verify news reports before start assuming inside blindly. Everyone need to find out if the news of marijuana kills coronavirus will it be real or otherwise not. The basic response to this issue is the fact that there is not any this kind of document or confirmation offered by the World Overall health Company which is WHO. It really is clearly stated from the different wellness companies and WHO that using tobacco and intake of medicines can make the covid situation more harmful and dangerous. So it will be a good idea to stay far away from these kinds of news and simply target the advisory issue by ICMR & WHO to remain to stop coronavirus.

Way Forward

News reports regarding the weed that it must be employed to kill coronavirus or help in the management of covid-19 enhances the question within the mind of individuals that exactly what is the relation between Weed and covid 19. There is absolutely no this kind of statement or verification provided by the World Well being Business which is WHO. It is actually clearly stated from the numerous health businesses and WHO that smoking and consumption of prescription drugs will make the covid circumstance more dangerous and fatal.