How to Put on False Eyelashes with Glue

Implementing eyelash glue might appear to be an overwhelming process, although with our straightforward information, you’ll be considered a pro right away! Whether or not you’re making use of fake eyelashes for any special occasion or everyday dress in, discovering how to apply the stick correctly is crucial for any cozy, lengthy-sustained application of eyelash glue.

Techniques that you can comply with

●Step One: Get rid of the bogus eyelash strip by reviewing the product packaging.

●Step 2: Place a small amount of lash adhesive on the back of your hands.

●Step Three: Using a 100 % cotton swab or maybe your finger, lightly jacket the edge of your fake lash strip with stick.

●Stage 4: Appear into a looking glass and place the falsies as close to your organic lash range as possible.

●Step 5: Delicately hit upon the strip till the adhesive dries out.

Dos and Don’ts

●Do pick the right form of glue. Its not all lash glues are the same. In case you have delicate eye, decide on a hypoallergenic water resistant fasten like duo eyelash glue in Clear. This method units easily and holds falsies securely in place—no matter how sweaty or watery the eyes get. For extra keep, consider Very Fasten Lash adhesive. This tough-as-fingernails or toenails glue is perfect for contact athletics lovers or anybody who desires their falsies to really stand up to nearly anything existence throws their way.

●Don’t use an excessive amount of adhesive. A bit of glue should go quite a distance. You only require a thin covering on the strip to adhere the falsies to your all-natural lash range. Using excessive fasten not only causes it to be more difficult to use the lashes evenly but additionally increases the potential risk of the adhesive seeping in your view, which could cause irritation.

●Do allow the duo eyelash glue set for 20-half a minute before applying the lashes. This will give the stick time for you to turn out to be tacky so that the falsies will adhere much better. In the event you use them too earlier, they won’t put as well and could fall off during use.

●Don’t utilize tension soon after affixing the lashes. As soon as you’ve adhered the falsies for your lash series, depart them alone for a minimum of one minute to put effectively. Making use of strain too quickly will cause them to disappear prematurely.


There you might have it! Using eyelash glue is easy and simple knowing what to do. Just comply with these five techniques and you’ll have beautiful lashes that last the entire day.