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Most people spend their idle time in front of the computer to give themselves a break from work. In addition, some companies also use computers as an alternative for entertainment purposes for employees. This is why you need to ensure that your computer is safe from external threats such as viruses and malware. lets you freely download your favorite songs online. In addition, all the video and music clips here are legal for free download.

Online MP3 Download
The songs available here are all legal and free to download online. These songs were previously published on other sites but were deleted due to copyright issues. We had already downloaded these songs before they got deleted. The songs are high quality but are not available on iTunes or any other online media stores because of copyrights issues.
1. I’m a Man by The Spencer Davis Group
2. Heart of Glass, Sunday Girl, and One Way or Another by Blondie
3. Doolin Dalton by Thin Lizzy
4. Sweet Lorraine by Uriah Heep
5. Emergency by 999
6. Peaches en Regalia by The Zappa Family
7. Going Underground by The Jam
8. Son of a Preacher Man by Dusty Springfield
9. We Will Fall (Alternative Mix) by Iggy Pop
10. Thrasher by Neil Young and Crazy Horse
In addition to MP3s, you can also download videos here. These videos are also available on YouTube but were deleted because of copyrights violations. You will find that all the songs and videos published here are legal for download.
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In conclusion, the songs and videos provided here are all free for download. You can download your favorite video clips or music tracks with just a few mouse clicks. These files were previously unavailable because of copyrights issues, but now it’s available at Online MP3 Download.