Follow each step of Mr. Richard Zahn so that you become an entrepreneur

Mr. Richard Zahn believes that a professional career helps you achieve success. For this reason, he offers you a scholarship to continue studying and have a bright professional future.
This man has built his business and career through real estate development. Richard Zahn has learned about business, discipline, passion, and leadership. This makes you want to share his ideas and knowledge always.
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Stages of a real estate development
You must know the real estate development stages to learn about this topic.
• Idea: this is the beginning of any project. Through this first stage, this professional studies various aspects, such as market conditions. This way, he will know how his project is directed in a specific way.
• Feasibility: This study is very important before you put your project to work. This means that you get the tools you need to make your decisions. Conveniently, you do a market study and an environmental impact study.
• Contracts: when the architectural design has been decided, it is time for you to start all the contract negotiations; these can be banks, construction companies, and the Government.
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Richard Zahn has built a team of trained professionals to assist him in all real estate development projects.