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Carding is really a requirement inside the technology today. What you might get whenever you connect to Carding Forum carding modern technology represents the artistic very best you could desire in the sector. We shall have a look at a few of the features that are involved in carding.

Chute Nourish Process

With regards to modern day greeting cards, the modern technology inside the chute supply system is used. This requires the use of a good nourish process for your providing of your flocks. Using air tension technology is used to feedback the material, as well as a indicator that is certainly contained in chutes senses the input. The indicate will be provided in accordance with needs.

Chute Give Roll

Another attribute of this technologies will be the chute feed roll. There are 2 similar things present in the chute for opening cotton. The buckle will transfer the 100 % cotton within the supply dish. The area platter is manufactured out of cast iron.

It is very important be sure that you are using a reliable company that has the capacity to supply the right modern technology that may be sourced in the very best-class materials available on the internet. You will definitely get the very best of this through credible free of charge CVV.

Giving Roll And Licker

Another modern technology that is used is the feed roll and licker-in. The goal of the supply roll is usually to feed materials to the licker-in. The liker-in will subsequently move the content to the tube.


The key section of the carding method will be the tube. The size of any normal cylinder should be 50″. The movement must be in a speed of 450 rpm flats. This pace should be dispersed uniformly over the tube.

The main procedure of carding takes place between the flats and the tube. The above mentioned shows the technological innovation that is involved in the structure of charge cards.