Electrical Component Suppliers in England and the UK

If you’re looking for electrical component suppliers, England has a huge number of companies to choose from. The Internet is an excellent place to start if you need help finding local firms that supply components or other services related to your industry. You can find any type of company – manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, etc. – as well as many different types of products and services. Some sites are devoted entirely to one specific product category nuts & bolts while others offer everything under one roof.
The following list provides links to some major English-based online supplier directories. There’s no guarantee these will be the best choices available, but they should get you started on your search. Many have additional features such as news articles, press releases, blog posts, videos, podcasts, classified ads, forums, blogs, social media profiles, email alerts, newsletters, job boards, store locators, ecommerce stores, and more!

ECM World (Web): Directory with Articles, Reviews & Guides About Electronic Components Manufacturers in the United Kingdom

This directory includes listings of over 1,000 electronic component manufacturing companies across Great Britain. A new listing is added every two weeks. ECM World also hosts its own website which offers free information about buying electronics parts, including guides on how to buy right and where to look for good deals. In addition, it publishes regular reports on trends in the market.

EuPorts (Web): Find Electrical Equipment Distributors Near Your Location

You’ll probably want to know who supplies equipment for your project before you order anything. EuPort helps by providing contact info and photos of thousands of electricians, installers, contractors, and service providers near you. Users can filter their results based on state requirements, industry, business size, license status, and categories like automotive, HVAC, home improvement, plumbing, building automation/security, industrial process control, lighting, energy management, telecoms, data centers, medical devices, renewable power, wind turbines, solar PV, and much more.

eBay Motors (Web): Buy Used Electronics Parts Directly From Sellers

Sellers all over the world often sell used items at discounted prices through eBay Motors. This site lets users post used electronics part requests and sellers bid on them. When someone sells what you’re after, you receive an invoice via PayPal. Once paid, you must ship the item within 30 days. However, there are several reasons why this option works better than most alternatives out there. For starters, large corporations aren’t allowed to sell directly on the platform because eBay charges commissions whenever someone makes a sale. Also, eBay isn’t concerned with shipping fees, so buyers don’t pay extra when they use this method. Finally, unlike Craigslist, eBay doesn’t require users to verify themselves. So even though used goods may not always come in perfect condition, you won’t risk getting scammed. Check out our tips here.

PCPartPicker [Broken URL Removed] (Web): Compare Online Prices & Order Products Instantly With One Click

We’ve mentioned PCPartPicker numerous times in the past for its ability to compare prices between multiple vendors, but did you know it also allows customers to purchase products straight away? Just fill in the details and hit “Buy Now”. It takes care of the rest for you. If you already have a preferred vendor, just go into the settings panel and select “˜My Preferred Vendor’. Then paste your orders manually instead of using the wizard. This way you’ll avoid surprises later on down the line. Apart from that, we love the fact that PCPartPicker categorizes vendors according to price range, availability, delivery time, rating, and more.

SparePartsOnline (Web): Browse Listings By State Or City, Search Part Numbers & More

It’s important to research the quality of spare parts you intend to source. Sparepartsonline searches US websites for lists and pricing information on various common electronic components. All the information comes from publicly accessible sources. That said, make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully since the site does reserve the right to refuse certain listings. Additionally, check out the extensive resource section and forum if you run into problems searching elsewhere.

Omronet (Web): Look Up Local Networking Providers’ Contact Details

Not everyone knows that Omronet is actually a database of network operators throughout the country. But once you click through to the page for a particular area, you’ll see the full roster of ISPs along with their contact numbers and addresses. Simply enter a postal code, city name, or ISP abbreviation to view the relevant pages. While the site itself is quite plain, Omronet’s vast archive of resources is worth checking out.

Electronics Warehouse (Web): Large Selection Of Hard To Find And Affordable Commercial Grade Cables

Most people think of cables as being expensive, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Most cheap cables sold today are made of very inexpensive materials and assembled together without proper testing. Unfortunately, those same low prices also mean the cable might break easily, making them hard to replace. Luckily, a lot of reputable brands like Cat5e, CAT6, RJ45, USB2, HDMI, DVI, VGA, SATA, LAN, and Audio Video Interconnector produce cables that last longer and cost less money compared to popular options found in retail outlets. At Electronics Warehouse, you can browse catalogues by brand or simply search by length, description, voltage, amperage, port speed, color, and construction material.

Open Source PCB Service (Web): Design Your Own Circuit Board On These Free Platforms

Designing custom circuit boards can seem daunting and complicated. Open Source PCB gives you access to readymade files and designs created by engineers around the globe. Using tools provided by top universities, businesses, and tech organizations, you can create your own PCBs with ease. Best of all, you can download the design file and modify it however you wish. The only limitation is that open source licenses prohibit commercialization.

These ten online databases cover a wide variety of industries and niches. Whether you’re looking for specialist repair services, wholesale distribution companies, or big box retailer locations, your chances of finding what you need increase dramatically when you broaden your horizons. Hopefully, this article helped point you towards some useful starting points. Let us know about your favorite resources for locating electronic component suppliers in England.