Dr. John Manzella directs healthcare processes properly and efficiently

Do the right thing correctly. This condition has two dimensions: doing the right thing, which implies a high decision-making capacity, and secondly, doing it correctly, for which a high quality of performance, skills, judgment, service and opportunity are required. Dr. John Manzella works tirelessly to consider all the aforementioned criteria and offer his clients the best possible medical management.
Quality is a management model and a management style in leading hospitals. Quality is based on processes, stability, good logistics, continuity, eliminating waste such as time activities that do not add value, saving stock, people’s effort, moving things, and listening to people’s feedback.
Dr. John Manzella defines clinical management as the strategy that allows the systematization and ordering of health care processes adequately and efficiently, supported by the best scientific evidence of the moment and with the participation of professionals in the management of decision-makingdecisions about the patient. Clinical decisions will be of quality if they generate economic efficiency and not mere cost control.

Provide the best solutions

From the perspective of clinical management of continuous improvement of the quality of health care, it is necessary to incorporate new management procedures based on the premise that management, as a concept and tool, has added value to health.
Deciding on one consultancy or another is very important since making a mistake can be very expensive. Mismanagement by a medical advisor can lead, for example, to sanctions from the tax agency or social security. And these sanctions are usually of high cost for the company. So much so that it can endanger the subsistence of the business.
It is then that the figure of the adviser like him, Dr John Manzella arises. He is a person who is in charge of assessing a facet of the business and proposing the best solutions for it. His mission is to prepare reports that advise us on some aspects, and the best thing is that he performs some tasks in addition to giving advice.

Meet the specific needs of your business

The advice of Dr. John Manzella is willing to offer new services of value as time goes by. Every moment he has his specific needs, this adviser accompanies his clients.