Carpet Cleaners Near Me LLC – Cancellation Policy

My last brush with carpet cleaners near me llc was not a happy experience. The cleaner in question was a very fastidious individual who seemed to have a very high opinion of himself and the way his business operated. He was calling all of his friends and relatives and boasting about the number of awards he’d won during his time at the company. It wasn’t until I offered to help him out that I really understood what this guy’s whole’management style’ was all about. In fact, it took some time before I realized that the reason he was so eager to talk to me was because he was hoping I’d sign on with him and help him take control of his company.

That man never even showed up to my first appointment, despite my offering to help clean up his mess. And when I finally got around to his place of business after a few failed attempts at cleaning his filthy carpets, what I found inside bordered on shocking. I’m certain that other people with less than stellar customer service have had the exact same experience, but I must admit that this particular individual left a particularly bad taste in my mouth.

So, what went wrong? Was I the victim of poor customer service or was this individual simply out to scam the company that employed him? After going over the records that would have been required to start the carpet cleaning company, I discovered that one of the most important documents was not even required by law in most states in the country. This alone raised a red flag for me, but I was still willing to try the services provided by My Carpet Cleaners Near Me LLC.

Upon arrival, I quickly noticed that everything seemed to be in order and there was no smoke or fire or visible carbon monoxide in the air. Upon further inspection of the suite, it became clear that the locks on all of the doors were in fact working properly. Now, the issue with the service rendered by My Carpet Cleaners Near Me LLC was that they charged a rather exorbitant hourly fee for their carpet cleaning services and did not provide any evidence of having a working office. Upon further asking why they were charging such an exorbitant fee, it was explained to me that it was required by state law that all carpet cleaning companies have a working fax machine and phone number. Now, since this is a rather obvious requirement of the law, it was obviously meant to cover the fact that My Carpet Cleaners Near Me LLC was only operating in the names of its owners because the owners were paying their own bills.

Now, since the company I was dealing with did not have either of those things, I now felt extremely uneasy about the entire situation and was prepared to seek legal assistance. Needless to say, this level of professionalism is not exhibited by most carpet cleaners near me llc, which made it even more important for me to ask the company’s owner why he had neglected to purchase either of those items. As it turns out, the owner was abroad in India at the time and could not make it back to the offices to purchase either equipment or a fax machine; therefore, it was left up to me to perform my own investigation to determine whether or not the carpet cleaning company serving me was charging an appropriate fee.

What I discovered about My Carpet Cleaners Near Me LLC was that it was indeed charging an exorbitant fee for a rather vague service that consisted of two hours ago. Apparently, they had spent the money on new office chairs and a new carpet for their offices. Therefore, it was apparent to me that there was no need for them to charge for hours ago; therefore, there was no need for them to charge me an additional fee for using their phone number or fax machine. Apparently, this is a common practice among carpet cleaners near me llc. They will make you pay for hours spent talking on the phone or sending paperwork but never actually get around to finishing the job. Thus, make sure you check the cancellation policy before hiring any company.