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  • Embracing Tradition: The Art of Smoking Native Cigarettes

    Nativecigarettes frequently evoke misunderstandings and stereotypes, but knowing the realities behind the products is very important for informed discourse. By debunking misconceptions and checking out the complexities, we can easily achieve a clearer understanding of native cigarettes in addition to their impact on Native residential areas. Misconception: All Native Cigarettes are designed Unlawfully Actuality: Even

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  • Health Implications of Native Cigarettes: Myths vs. Facts

    Tobacco use has been a part of Native American tradition for hundreds of years. Native Americans traditionally employed tobacco for spiritual, health-related, and interpersonal uses. Native tobacco is cultivated and highly processed in different ways, and is particularly different from the tobacco found in commercial cigarettes. That’s why Native American cigarettes are special, well-liked, and

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