Adolescents must learn to make decisions regarding drugs with the help of Nihar Gala

Risk factors such as academic failure, family problems, low self-esteem, comorbidity with other psychiatric disorders, leisure time, and socializing with family, friends, and school are vital. Nihar Gala should know them to be able to do a preventive intervention that can provide resources to improve the levels of protective factors in young people.
In all addictions, there are cycles during which the guard is often lowered. It is common that in a stage of happiness or euphoria, after overcoming the problem for some time, it is decided to try again. These relapses can be a danger that submerges you again and prevents you from leaving addictions permanently. However, it must be faced, and you must know how to take advantage of them, together with the specialist Nihar Gala analyzing the situation.
Current studies indicate that the onset of consumption is between twelve and thirteen years. The beginning or route of entry is usually alcohol and tobacco; later, the progression observed is towards marijuana and cocaine in many cases, this progression being greater the earlier the consumption.

It helps you make decisions

Whether you decide to quit an addiction or get involved in a treatment plan, getting support from Nihar Gala is a valuable resource for your recovery. With him, you will find the person you can trust and talk to her about your plan to quit drugs. You know that these people around you will accompany you in this process and will be willing to help you, giving you greater strength to face detoxification challenges.
Adolescents must learn to make decisions about drugs and their high availability in our society, choosing between abstinence and consumption, and they must be informed about the consequences and effects of their consumption at such a vital stage critical as adolescence, where the personality of that individual is being formed.

Offer the right treatment

The treatment will not always require hospitalization in special residences, but it could consist of outpatient treatment, in which you can carry out your usual occupations. In any case, Nihar Gala will indicate the most appropriate treatment. This will ease your detoxification process and help ease your withdrawal symptoms.